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Introducing Anne McAlpin,
The Packing Expert

"If you want to get away from it all,
don’t take it all with you!"
-Anne McAlpin

That’s the down-to-earth approach to packing light Packing Expert Anne McAlpin likes to take.

Anne’s organized approach to packing has captivated audiences at her personal presentations across the country and on national TV. Her appearances on Oprah®, CNN, The View, and HGTV have earned her national recognition and popularity. Anne teaches the secrets of packing light and smart, and makes packing fun! Her tips help savvy and experienced traveler’s alike pack for any trip; from weekend getaways to lengthy European vacations.

Anne learned to pack lightly for her first trip abroad – a student bike trip across Europe when she was 16. “We had to pack everything we needed for six weeks in our bike bags,” she recalls. “When you have to carry everything yourself, it really makes you cut-down on what you pack.” One of her most important tips: “If you can’t carry (or wheel) your luggage around the block, then you’ve packed too much!”

Studying European history and languages while living abroad, Anne realized she needed a career that would take her around the globe. After several world cruises, Anne noticed how much luggage travelers packed and how much of it was unnecessary. Based on this, she created a seminar for fellow cruisers to show them how to “get it all home”. After many passengers suggested putting her tips into writing, she wrote “Pack It Up” and a business was born! Her DVD is a great visual companion to her informative book.

Anne really enjoys her audiences’ travel stories, and likes nothing better than getting positive feedback from experienced travelers who have learned new tips at her seminars. Anne spends most days of the year traveling and sharing her expertise, but can always be reached on her Blackberry if someone has a “packing emergency!”

A few Anne stats:
280 Average amount of days spent on the road last year
 98  Times she’s cruised through the Panama Canal
 67  Countries she’s visited
 25  The average number of flights she takes each month
 12  Days spent sipping coffee on her porch at home!

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