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Dear Traveler:

It’s spring! You’re probably thinking of spring and summer trips.  Along with the weather change come changes in travel rules.  It’s all over the news that United Airlines will be charging extra for a second, checked bag starting in May.  Check out United’s website for the details.  It’s more important now than ever to pack smart and light.  To help you with this, I have some great checklists that you can download to help you get organized.

Speaking of packing, the number one question I’m asked most often at my events is: “Do we really have to keep our prescription medicines in their original bottles?”   The answer is “YES!”  This is important in case of a medical emergency and because of TSA regulations.

Also, a new Travel Alert has been issued by the Department of Transportation: As of January 1, 2008, loose, lithium batteries will no longer be allowed in checked baggage. To find out more, go to the TSA website.

I am always on the lookout for great new tips – enter your unique travel tip in the Travel Tip Contest and you could win one of my AM Travel Essentials Gift Packages packed full of some of my favorite new travel products that make your travels easier and more comfortable.  Winners are posted at

One of our recent winners is Jennifer (WA), who shares this tip:
"To keep camisoles or spaghetti strap dresses from sliding off hotel hangers, wrap a rubber band several times around each end of the hanger. They prevent the straps from sliding off the ends."

For more helpful tips and timely recommendations, you may wish to bookmark

I wish you safe and happy travels this spring!

Anne Mcalpin

PS: "If you want to get away from it all - don’t take it all with you!"

Where in the World is Anne? Anne and her great advice and travel tips are being sought out by national media gurus! This March, find her featured in Real Simple magazine, Special Travel Edition. Last month, she shared her helpful tips to call-in listeners on The Martha Stewart Sirius Radio Show!

Also, her unique Packing Board was featured on the Today Show. Find out why no suitcase should be without one – and how you can pack wrinkle free for every trip by using it!  Available in two sizes featuring Anne’s handy Packing Checklist and wrinkle-free packing directions!

You can learn from Anne personally at one of her many appearances at AAA locations across the country.  Be sure to check out her Upcoming Appearances for a fun workshop near you!

More Packing Help

Anne’s tote bag is another great find for spring – it’s lightweight and slides onto your suitcase handle if needed. The blue interior makes everything easy to find!

A happy customer reported:
"Very roomy. The outside zipper compartment is great for organizing little things. I also like the two side pockets - great for keeping water bottle and map handy. Nicely made and fits perfectly under the airplane seat."  - Traveling girl from Long Beach, CA

Anne is here to make packing fun, fast, organized and easy! Her informative book and 30-minute DVD are great ways to get you up and going with ease.

Sandy writes in: "I just have to say that your travel bag for meds is one of my favorite things I ever bought in my life! It is the perfect size, perfect amount of pill spaces – just PERFECT!

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Written By: Anne McAlpin


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